We are three 40ish something women who are extroverted, introverts. We are co-workers and best friends who, one day, realized that we were looking for something more.

Jenn Seifert

Hi, I’m Jenn. I work in a hospital facilitating the day to day needs of a group of providers. To be honest, it is a bit like herding cats, but I love it…and I’m good at it. I am a lover of tea, music, and all things British. I’m fluent in the following languages; sarcasm, pop culture, and creative ways to use fuck in a sentence. I have two beautiful (and hormonal) daughters that generally run my world. I am definitely stepping out of my comfort zone with this venture and I couldn’t have picked two better people to do it with!



Jessica Grevenstuk

I’m Jessica. I work as a nurse practitioner at a local hospital.  I love to learn and have been taking classes since finishing my first bachelor’s degree in medical technology in 2000.  I got bored with being a lab rat and went back for my bachelor’s in nursing which led to my NP degree which is currently leading to my DNP.  *sigh* I promise I am done with professional academia after this.  When I am not throwing money at different degrees, I love being with my family, kicking my own ass at the gym and reading.  I am also a mom to two Jack Russell’s who boss me around.  Walkies anyone?  Other interesting facts, I don’t have a favorite color and I borrow ideas and morph them into my own.  Like Jenn and Emily, I am essentially an introvert and rather not interact with the public, so this podcast will be interesting.


Emily Bennett

I have no earthly idea what to write for a bio. I’m half in the bag, drinking KBS (vintage 2017), on hour 7 of staring at a computer screen. I still have the first episode to edit and am fucking with another photo and layout. Good thing I like being the complete and total nerd in this relationship. Now bitch, bring me another beer.